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Our Replacement Body Shells are a licensed restoration part completely assembled from the firewall to the tail lamp panel and from the frame rails
to the windshield frame. Body shells includes most of the structural parts, brackets and braces welded in place, plus doors and deck lid already
assembled. Very little body work or adjustments are required and the hard part will be deciding on interior colors and keeping track of which bolt
goes where.

Just think; no more cutting and welding in floor pans, no more trying to locate replacements for rusted out braces or struggling to make the
wheelhouse line up to the trunk pan and the quarter panel. All the hard work is already done. New firewall (with or without factory air conditioning)
to tail lamp panel; fitted, assembled and welded.  How many hours (or weeks) does that save you? That’s what makes this shell so cool.

The body shells are not completely ready to be finished, they are as close as you can get not being assembled or built on an assembly line, there
will still be some fitting and working to make everything line up. Just the same; as if you were working with a 40 year old body shell

The steel used in our body shell program is 1006 universal automotive grade steel coated with special Galvanization to protect against rust.
In most cases the gauge will be thicker than that of the original.

Thickness of steel increased:
Trunk floor 0.8 to 1.0 m/m
Rocker panel 1.6 to 2.0 m/m
Rocker Panel Inner Brace 3.0 m/m
Rear frame rails 1.6 to 2.3 m/m
Firewall & torque bar 1.0 to 1.2 m/m

Increased amounts of CO2 have been used during welding that tightens the tolerances and helps to reduce road noise. All replacement parts have
been increased in thickness to accommodate a stiffer better replacement body shell. Increased thickness, better tolerances, use of more CO2 in
welding gives you a product that is unequaled in the restoration parts industry. The steel possesses fewer additives allowing it to be a bit more
flexible and workable than the original.

From design to production to packaging and sales...Dynacorn Classic Bodies provide complete service to insure we control the quality leaving
our facility. We know what our customers want and need and the quality they demand.