1970 GTO - Documented 400cid, 4spd. Original Stripe Car ( very rare being a non Judge ) We did a
Complete Interior Restoration, Engine Compartment Detail, Distributor Electronic Conversion &
Recurve, Headers & Tune-Up, And Replaced The Hood With A New Reproduction.
Here we are fitting the carpet & center console.
We redyed the console & seat backs.
This is a picture of the headliner after install -
note a good headliner makes the interior.
Here is a pic of the interior finished - seats are
custom stiched w/o comforweave inserts.
The engine was painted the wrong color - this
is as we are stripping it for detailing.
Here it is back together painted the correct
color. Note custom fabbed fuel line - q-jet.
Here is the completed engine compartment
with headers & performance tune-up.
We replaced the hood hinges & springs as well.
The originals were loose & worn
Fitting & aligning the reproduction hood was
fairly easy only needing minor adjustments.
Here the new hood is painted and back on the
GTO - Awaiting to go home.